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Genuine and magnetic are the components for fearless authenticity. It is driven by the innate ability to perform everyday with passion, and can only be learned from hard work with the love of perfection toward one's craft.      

Jesse is a Native of Oklahoma, and has always been driven to perform from an early age. " I grew up listening to anything and everything I could get my hands on, but I will never forget when I first heard Garth Brooks. He was different, and it was great. It captured my attention and I saw how he captured most of the world. I wanted to write and sing songs like his, and I wanted to listen and learn from all of the singers and songwriters of that time."

Jesse's Grandfather was a choir director for a small church in Lamar, Colorado. This is where he would spend his summers, while his mother went back to school to finish her degree. "He taught me everything from fishing, camping, gardening, to singing. When my Grandfathers Parkinson's Disease became to much for him to hold his guitar, is when I started playing it. I was about 13 then, but I was singing at the age of 8. He taught me about the Kingston Trio, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan. We did a lot of gospel and hymns as well. I always had to sneak away to listen to the newer artists on the radio though. He did not care for them much, and I had an addiction to learn as much as I could from everyone."

"I am in this business to entertain and help people through the great times and the hard times. Music is not about a competition or about being famous to me. I want to be a success, and the only way I see that is by portraying life's experiences to an audience that they can all relate to. After entertaining on cruise ships everyday for 3 years, I saw what kind of impact music can have on some one else's life and from all different diversities. It is my job to bring that ambiance to every stage I ever step foot on again. I will stay original, real, and give back to the world what gifts were bestowed upon me."        




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